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hier gibt's ein paar Songs auf die Ohren:

(ich bitte um Entschuldigung für die englischen Begleittexte, das ist nur für den Fall, daß sich Quincy Jones oder David Foster mal auf diese Seite verirren)


this is the title track from the "GOLDRAUSCH"-album. how do I miss playing with that band but fortunately we still do see us frequently, at least. the band was Silja Brauckhoff on vocals, Felix Westermann on guitars, Frank Bruns on drums and me on bass. the picture shows us at the Seegeflüster 2009, opening for Sasha. What a band!!!! (decide yourself whether you think the last remark is on Sasha and/or Goldrausch)

this is a track from the "Spirit Of My Soul"-CD. It was recorded AND played many times live, mostly in churches that were illuminated in a special way. the guys in the photo, thanks Tati for making the snapshots, are (left above and clockwise) Nappo Bernatzki: Sax, keys &voc, Axel Zinowsky: guit, me: bass &voc, Reinhard Horn: piano, keys, and in the middle Eddie Conard, perc& voc. On the track played also the fabulous Andreas Hermeyer the, guess what??, yes, accordeon! how could a tango come without one? But in this case, it took more than 2 to tango ;-)
the name of the track actually has 2 meanings, one is a colour, mostly seen on porcelain, it is a soft pale blue-green (hey Miles!) a bit darker I think than on the picture in the background. the other meaning is something like "longing lover" which probably comes from the shepard in Honoré d'Urfé's novel "L'Astrée". who wore a robe from that colour.
you wouldn't imagine how long (due to a lot of laughs and my generally weak abilities in whistling) it took me to whistle the parts on the track, somewhere around 4 o'clock in the morning. Thanks Nappo, for your patience!

I wrote this one for a (as far as I'm concerned) beautiful CD I had the chance to coproduce. The other producer was my friend and longtime bandmate Nappo Bernatzki, a brilliant musician. I can't thank him enough for all the things I learned from him in music and production, as well as from all the other guys involved in this project. Here is who they are on this track:
Nappo Bernatzki on saxophones and keyboards and programming, Axel Zinowsky on guitar, Reinhard Horn on keyboards, Eddie Conard on percussion and myself on bass and programming.
Funny story while producing it was: at a gig I got a call from a girl I did not know, she said she had heard we were making an instrumental album. I said yes that's right. Ok, she replied, she could sing!!! Me: "good for you, but what does it mean to me??" She: "You obviously need a singer, otherwise you wouldn't want to make an instrumental album!!!"
I know I do look like a complete idiot on the booklet-picture but that's to show you what happens, when you ignore deadlines set up by your graphic guys. on the very last moment, this was the only picture I had at hand and it was a holiday-snapshot from a cardboard-camera from a trip to the Bretagne/France where we made streetmusic for 2 weeks. Thanks to Stephan Lindner and his brother Frank for the wonderful holiday and the snapshot.

öööhhööm, it's just a demo (but I like it):

a song that turned out completely different from my intention when I started writing it. I wanted to write an hommage to Lorelai Gilmore, a TV character played by Lauren Graham. After I finished the lyrics, I began to change part after part of it and it turned completey into another direction. I definitely did NOT write this one on any autobiographical background.
My deepest thank you goes to Gunda Petersen for her beautiful backings and to Tim Osmy for the inspiring guitar tracks he contributed!!